Thursday, January 19, 2006

Google CDOS ?

Seeing "Google CDOS" referred to here makes me feel OLD.
I remember using usenet back from CompuServe in the 80's, before there was even the concept of an internet search engine.
I remember using DejaNews to search the old USENET archive (which wikipedia tells me would have been in the 90's before Google was round and when AltaVista was king of the search engines).
In wonder if, in another decade, we'll have given up referring to plain old email, and just be talking of gmail. Or even worse, we'll start calling it GoogleNet.

I would have posted this as a comment on the blog, but it was erroring out with
Invalid [] range "r-c" in regex; marked by <-- HERE in
.....lots of naughty words in a regex list....
at /var/www/ line 3095.

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Noons said...

Ah! At last I find someone that gets the same problem when posting to the OTN blog!

I've left messages there explaining they have a problem and emailed Justin to try and get him to look at this. Obviously, no one is caring if it is possible to leave messages there, which neatly defeats the purpose of a blog and makes me wonder how suitable it is for a faq...