Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The holidays are over again

Okay, I only had the actual public holidays off, but you know what I mean.

We took all our decorations down yesterday (not quite twelfth night, but close enough given that it took half a day). My three year old son was pretty good at helping. My daughter just looked confused as the tree came apart. Still we've got her first birthday to look forward to next week.

The only disappointment was a Sesame Street PC game (Elmo's Workshop) for my son which wouldn't install. The AVG virus checker won't let it past a file (DSSAGENT.EXE) which the web tells me is a nasty piece of spyware and the little checkbox the install gives about this 'option' doesn't actually do anything. You expect this sort of **** from freeware downloaded from the web, not from something you've paid for under the name of a supposedly reputable organisation promoting children's education.

Fortunately, we borrowed a 'The Cat in the Hat' CD-ROM from the library which he is enjoying immensely.

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Noons said...

get him a playstation or a gamecube or something like that.

And cease worrying about games stuffing up PC's with spyware/malware/bugware!

Life is bliss now, for my desktop...