Tuesday, January 31, 2006

New name for HTMLDB - Poll

So they've renamed HTMLDB. To be honest, I never liked the HTMLDB name. It sounds too much like a mumble. Old-time readers of AskTom will recall him referring to it as Project Marvel, which sounds much better.
Application Express is also good, but takes too long to type, so I've put a poll together (thanks Eddie for the pointer to dpolls) on an abbreviation for it. Feel free to add any other suggestions.

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Eddie Awad said...

I'll go for OAX.

APEX may not be a good idea.

William Robertson said...

I'm going to miss Hatmeldub.

APC said...

It occurs to me this just another way of punishing the earlier adopters. Not as bad as the way they broke BC4J between JDev 3 and JDev 9i but still annoying. We'll have to explain "HTMLDB" to our half our audience and "Oracle Applicaton Express" to the other half.

Compromise solution. As when Prince changed his name to an unpronounceable symbol, perhaps we could use The Application Formerly Known As HTMLDB or TAFKAH for short.