Sunday, April 15, 2007

Humour:My First SQL Primer

Oracle security meister Pete Finnegan has become a Dad.
He actually said "Now all that needs to be done is to start to teach him about Oracle."

My four-year old son started school back in January. Most nights now I spend 10 to 15 minutes with him and a book with a title like "Grandma" or "My Letter" .
One night a few weeks back, after a beer or two, I was struck by an idea. I couldn't resist.
I now present the unofficial and unsupported "My First SQL Primer"
Yes, teach your toddler SQL, and get him (or her a headstart) in Oracle.

Okay, I've had to play with the syntax a bit, but this is an age-group who think the Wiggles are the best music ever. But it still beats "See the red ball" at story time.


Jeffrey Kemp said...

That's brilliant Gary - my 2 yr old loves the pictures. She was a bit confused by the Nemo's apparent species change though :)

How about a version explaining the MODEL clause?

Alistair Wall said...

You need some Oracle-specific content - maybe non-blocking reads or analytics. Imagine a rebellious teenager bringing SQL Server home.