Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Still blogging

After a brief consultation, Howard has been persuaded that Dizwell is a popular and useful resource, and settled for a spring clean instead.

He did suggest letting others have their blogs hosted on Dizwell. I do find Blogger has its drawback. Mostly it is difficult to include supporting material, such as code or trace files, as it only provides for images and anything else needs to be hosted elsewhere. I find this a bit surprising given that it is all Google and it seems that they wouldn't find it difficult to have a more seamless integration with googlepages or their Docs. I expect that it is because these stretch the concept of blogging beyond the norm.

But being hosted on Dizwell.Com would be a bit scary too. It reminds me of Kerry Packer, who used to own the Channel Nine television network in Australia. During a dinner party, one of the guests raised the topic of "Australia's Naughtiest Home Videos", being debuted on his channel. He took a look at the program and promptly rang the station and ordered them to "Get that shit off the air!". They did, with just half an hour of the program shown.

It comes down the "the buck stops here". Dizwell is Howard's brand/company and opening it up to others, as he did with the Wiki and later the Knowledge Base, puts that on the line. That's one reason I have respect for the corporate blogs from the likes of Pythian, Amis and LogicaCMG . It's a brave company that is confident enough to put its technical knowledge on show for all to gawp at.

I'm glad Howard is sticking around. And if he does find 'room-mates' for his blog, I look forward to reading them too.

PS. Talking of brave, I'll be following the MEEP blog closely too. It sounds like an interesting experiment. Actually educating someone in Oracle, rather than just giving them code and expecting them to absorb knowledge by osmosis. A radical idea.

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