Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Switching jobs in Sydney revisited

I read up on Justin's post about staff retention here. This resonated with me as, after moving to a permanent job a year ago, I'm moving back into the contract market.

Life as a consultant is pretty odd. You get little say or control in your next assignment, so I was doing more SQL Server and Teradata than Oracle, and commuting to awkward locations. Cityrail has this wonderful ability to time its trains (at Hornsby at least) so that, just as your train draws slowly onto the platform, your connecting train is closing its doors on the opposite side (after having sat there for five minutes doing nothing). Very frustrating.

So I've found myself a gig in the City. Back to Oracle, though this time under the job title of "Database Administrator". It's a development database role, so I'm not being thrown into the scarily critical role of production backups. I hope to post more as I start to get to grips with my new role and tasks.

During my job search, I was encouraged to see that a few places are doing some Apex development, including the one I'm moving too.


Patrick Wolf said...

APEX rules ;-)


Bookworm said...

Good luck with the move!