Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Still Reading

I'm working my way through Oracle PL/SQL Programming, Fifth Edition. I'm sort of of on the last chapter of the book, except I'm not.

If you check the preview on Google Books, you'll see it as "Edition: 5 - 2009 - 1186 pages" with Chapter 26 (on Object Orientation) finishing at page 1130 followed by the Appendix. That's what is in my hardcopy version.

The O'Reilly catalog has it at 1232 pages with chapters 27 (Calling Java from PL/SQL ) and 28 (External Procedures) included.

A mention in the book says that those chapters are available at the book's website, but I haven't located them yet. The book includes an offer that means it can be accessed for 45 days on Safari-online, which may be the intention. I'll look at that later this week.

Also in my intray is Packtpub's SQL Developer 2.1 book which they have kindly sent me for review. I'm part way through that and will post my thoughts next week.

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