Friday, February 05, 2010

A blog with benefits

Astute observers may have noticed that my blog has moved. After blogging for over four years on, I made the plunge into getting my own domain name. The blog is still a 'blogger' site, and therefore hosted by Google (the option to host blogger blogs elsewhere, through FTP, is deprecated) and apart from the name change, is still functioning as before.

The move is actually pretty simple. Through my Blog publishing settings, I chose the domain name and paid the princely sum of $10 (US) for it. Then I pointed my blog at, and clicked the box to redirect to the blog. Bingo (or perhaps Bloggo).

A bit less than an hour later, I had an email from Google Apps. This is where my added benefits come from as my new domain is linked to the Google Apps (Standard) offering. Google Apps Standard Edition is free [Any chance of that from Oracle :)]. That means I get up to 50 mail addresses under Apparently having your own domain for emails gets extra tech cred :)

I also get to link in Google Sites. I've set up a placeholder for, and will try to consolidate some of my scripts and links there.

Google handled it all pretty smoothly, apparently mostly through the magic of 301 redirects, and my past couple of posts have fed through my twitter setup and the feed I use in Google Reader and the OraNA aggregator without interruption. I've got to send some emails to those linking to the blog itself that I'd be grateful if they updated the link. Links to individual posts can just rely on the re-directs. The Real Blogger Status has posts describing the process in detail (and how to solve practically anything that can go wrong).

As for the domain name, I'm based in Sydney (in Australia) and blog about Oracle. I also didn't want a name too similar to, which is used by the Sydney Oracle Meetup. So it fits, and is mine for just $10 a year.

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