Friday, August 13, 2010

Buy your DBA a beer

Last week, Lisa Dobson remarked on the essential skill of knowing when to call Oracle Support.

A question on StackOverflow here prompts me to say, there is equally a time when you should talk to the people you work with FIRST.

Look, there is a time to call support. There are times to post something to a forum site. But to say "Our application is running slow. Have the DBAs flipped the GO SLOWER switch on us ?" suggests that either some places have some seriously scary DBAs, or some serious barriers between the DBAs and developers.

It is Friday (here, at least). If you are developer, go buy a DBA a beer. If you are a DBA, buy a developer a beer. In England, this is called buying a round. In Australia, it is called a Shout. And in Sydney, I can recommend the beers at the Harts Pub.

Oh, and if you a developer or DBA in Sydney, come to the Sydney Oracle Meetup and we can all share a beer.

PS. There may be DBAs who haven't yet been driven to drink, or at least don't like beer. I can also recommend the Chocolate Room (cnr sussex & bathurst streets) as a treat.

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Noons said...

I'll drink to that!