Sunday, January 23, 2011

Oracle XE screenshot tweeted

For those who follow blogs but not twitter, Kris Rice posted a screen shot from an 11g Express Edition test.

Still no delivery date, but there never is until it actually happens. They don't need an OpenWorld or anything to announce it. 

The interesting items are that 

1. "64 bit" is there at the top. Sure, five years ago they could just deliver a 32-bit version. But the memory limits on that mean that most desktops will be 64-bit soon, let alone server deployments. We're all being upgraded to Windows-7 at our offices next month, with a 64-bit deployment. 32-bit is end-of-life unless you are on a netbook.
32-bit is limited to 4GB (or 2GB/3GB usable in Windows depending on various settings). It would be nice if the 64-bit support meant that they were removing the memory limit or massively upgrading it. I think I'm being too greedy though.

2. Looks like they'll match the XE version number to the mainstream versions, which would be useful. It probably makes things cleaner from the documentation point of view as well.

Previous 11gXE mentions have given it a 10GB database size limit and that Apex won't be included by default, but can be installed. I suspect it will still exclude the JVM, but would be happy to be proven wrong.

Anyway, I'll keep my fingers crossed and maybe we'll get some extra Oracle lovin' for Valentine's Day


Tim... said...


We were told at OOW that it would not include the JVM. I remember it because Marcel made the point that this meant the multimedia stuff wouldn't work on it.

The APEX install will be a single button press download and install from a maintenance app. It's done like this so you always get the latest version.



Morten Braten said...

Ah, the eagerly awaited, near-mythical XE 11g... ! Looking forward to this one.

Hopefully it will come in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions, since 60% of all Windows users are still on WinXP. It would be silly to exclude all those casual users who have chosen to ignore the "improvements" that Vista and 7 have brought, but still want to run XE on their laptops for experimentation and simple/personal web apps. People like me :-)

- Morten

SydOracle said...

I've got Windows XP on my netbook. I hope I'll be able to run the new version of XE on there too with its 32-bit CPU.

But I'll understand if they go 64-bit only or only "support" Windows-7.