Thursday, February 24, 2011

Blekko /oracledb Needs You !

Despite popular opinion, there is more than one search engine. And I'm not talking Bing either. I do not use the MS word :) I mean blekko.

I do admit to being somewhat wedded to Google. I use GMail, Google Reader, Blogger, Sites, Docs. Oh, and the search engine. I'll also admit to once believing that Google Search (or rather, AltaVista, which was the big one before Google came into the picture) would be doomed to failure. Quite simply, I couldn't see how one site could hold a copy of the entire Internet. I still can't, but they come close enough to managing it.

Back then, Yahoo was in the picture with a human moderated directory of sites but without the ability to text search within those sites. It wasn't search as it is understood today. Blekko have merged the concept of the directory with the text search aspect, under its concept of /slashtags.

Part of the idea, as I understand it, is to keep out content farms and scrapers.

So a week or so ago, they talked to the folks at StackOverflow (my favorite Q&A forum) to get some of their experts in to organize some programming related slashtags. With a bit of debate, /oracledb has been set up as "our" slashtag.

I've put myself forward (and been accepted) as one editor for the slashtag. I've listed a bunch of useful sites in there which previously lived as my bookmarks or feed sources.

Please, try some searches on the /oracledb tag. If you find important sites missing, I can add them in if you throw me a comment. Here is the current site list. And some more reputable editors would be good too. ACEs or Oak Tablers have that extra credibility.


poelger said...

Some oracle related blogs that are in my list:

sydoracle said...

All added, thanks