Tuesday, May 10, 2011


When should I retweet someting ? 

I follow a lot of Oracle peeps, including the big names such as Cary Milsap. I've got a few followers too, and the vast majority of them are also Oracle peeps. If Cary tweets something then there's not much point in me re-tweeting it because very few of my followers wouldn't have seen Cary's original.

I also follow a few antipodean tweeters, and a couple in the security area and some SQL Server ones. The same pattern applies to blogs I follow. I've got Google Reader set up so that if I share something there, it comes out as a tweet.

I'm more likely to share/tweet/retweet something from the 'non Oracle' field as I think it will reach a different audience. Crossover is important. Mary McNeely went to talk Oracle to some Unix people.

I can't see myself as a world-class Oracle guru. But I am one of a small number of Australian Oracle bloggers. It is the crossover aspects which allows us to contribute into the community

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hillbillytoad said...

If you enjoyed the content, RT it no matter what. No one catches every Tweet, they are so easy to miss. It's not SPAM either!