Tuesday, February 07, 2006

HTMLDB rename poll results and blog colours

Firstly, the results of the poll are in, and half opted for APEX as a quickie name for Application Express/HTMLDB, which is fine by me.
Luckily it seems to be what Oracle are going towards, as 'apex' gets used here.

AndyC commented on the history of Oracle Bloggers
Not sure whether the comment about tweaks and garish colours was meant for me. If not, it probably should be. I was looking for some background images, and the bluish mazes one came with OpenOffice as a web-background. I've now toned it down a few shades, but left the original colours for the title box. I think it works, but what do I know ?

My main issue with the original templates are, having the sidebar on the left means some scrolling can be needed in 'narrow' windows. Having it on the right means that, when I'm lazy and use a PRE tag to highlight code, long lines of code can run over the edge of the content area into the sidebar and making it hard to read.

So I've shoved all that stuff down the bottom, with a links up the top. And I had to hunt around for a workaround to IE's inability to respect the MAXWIDTH CSS directive.

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