Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Oracle XE is APC's cover girl

Oracle's finally made the big time. XE edition is featured on the cover disc of Australia's APC magazine this month. This isn't a mag for programmers, IT professionals or business decision makers, just a general "What's happening in the PC world" sort of mag.

When they make XE the featured toy of a Macca's Happy Meal, then I'll know its time to retire.


Noons said...

Amazing, isn't it? Oracle made it to APC!

I'm not sure if that means Oracle is now mainstream or APC has finally caught up with the reality of IT in Oz...

Misssed you at the usual ex-SDRO lunch meeting. Make sure you're on the next one!

SydOracle said...

Okay Howard, there was a redundancy in there. But APC is the name on the the masthead at the newsagent, and I wanted to emphasize that it is an Australian magazine.
Anyway, down here the "Manly Daily" comes out weekly and "Australian Women's Weekly" comes out monthly. It wouldn't surprise me if APC stood for the Aardvark and Pig Chronicle.