Saturday, February 02, 2013

Folks, we have an Image Problem

Firstly the Daily WTF
"The forums have strong feelings about Oracle. Not a single one of those feelings is positive." 
This was actually a post in their "I hate Oracle" forum so it may be a bit biased. But the fact that the Dailt WTF have opened a forum just for Oracle with that name, well I get the hint.

It doesn't help that the only time Oracle hits the big news is when there's another major hole in Java. It's the only installer that comes with a revolving door as standard. Oh, and the toolbar being foisted on people

Then I saw the video linked on the highscalability blog . The whole relational / SQL database market has all the cool of, well, a Blackberry phone. It doesn't help that no-one can decide whether to pronounce it S-Q-L or see-quel.

While the video suggest a few fresh naming options, I think we need to be radical. ACIDbase recalls the core requirements of the relational model, suggests danger with a hint of rebellious substance abuse and coolly trips off the tongue. The only disadvantage is that the chemists seem to have wrapped up the best domain names. 

Now all we need is a fresh mascot. I suggest...Beaker

I'll have my people call his people....


Noons said...

Hehehe! I'm on my 8th year of insisting that Oracle will lose all credibility due to its wanton QA in the ENTIRE product range.

What's been going on is completely unacceptable in a company that charges through the nose for maintenance and upgrades.

If they worried less with "Aces" and bells and whistles and actually started to LISTEN, maybe things wouldn't be so bad.

But we all know what's important: empty rooms in UG meetings. While others get full rooms...

SydOracle said...

I think the ACEs idea has some benefits. But there's a lot of 'preaching to the choir' if they aren't getting them into places the Daily WTF.

I agree with some of the security folks I've seen commenting on Java though. Oracle is *not* a consumer company and they need to get it out of the browser.